RHOC Gina ex husband Matt sentenced! Ex RHOBH Brandi Glanville says Bravo used her & threw her out

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14 күн мурун

RHOC Gina ex husband Matt sentenced! Ex RHOBH Brandi Glanville says Bravo used her & threw her out!
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Laura Smith
Laura Smith 21 саат мурун
Can’t stand Brandi...... Love Gina, Matt put her through hell... I hope he learns from this
kathiparker1 2 күн мурун
I can’t stand Brandi
robpink1 3 күн мурун
❤️ Brandi. She did save last season. Andy Cohen has no loyalty
Butler 5 күн мурун
Yes they did use her , and that should not be surprised
Butler 5 күн мурун
She doesn’t want to destroy someone’s life
Georgina OHara
Georgina OHara 6 күн мурун
Wow! The judge didn’t miss him & hit the wall eh?
Andrea Lucas
Andrea Lucas 7 күн мурун
Brandi you haven't done much with your life since your divorce, that's on you. Focus on your children.
Mariana Guzman
Mariana Guzman 7 күн мурун
Brandy was brought back to the show to stir the pot... they needed someone with low morals to say the lies she did...
Carol Faltis
Carol Faltis 8 күн мурун
I’m sooo done with Brandi too!! Where’s the hook too pull her off the show!! Please!!! It’s time to go!! Bye! Bye!
Carol Faltis
Carol Faltis 8 күн мурун
Looove the lipstick color! Looks great on you!!🤗😘💕👍
tracy wendover
tracy wendover 8 күн мурун
fred flintstone
fred flintstone 8 күн мурун
Why the fuck are you talking about your lipstick?
Heather bewley
Heather bewley 8 күн мурун
I didn't know that he hit her? nor that he hit her?
Monica Ponce
Monica Ponce 8 күн мурун
Brandi thinks people like looking at train wrecks all day every day.
Janet McGibney
Janet McGibney 8 күн мурун
She let herself be used.
Lisa LaCombe
Lisa LaCombe 8 күн мурун
I agree with you Sharrell. I can't stand that scuzzy Brandi Glanville she is disgusting! I didn't even care about her and Denise Richards. Kick rocks Brandi!
bagladey 9 күн мурун
Sharrell looks like a corpse, like she’s been made up by a mortician with that too-light, ashy foundation. Brandi showed how unscrupulous she is by willingly using that disgusting storyline to try to get back in the show. She didn’t care how Denise felt about all the smut that Brandi was trying to involve her in but somebody should care that Bravo used her? Brandi needs to GTFOH and get lost!
Rusty Beddingfield
Rusty Beddingfield 9 күн мурун
Blandi is "Single White Female" scary. I think she's gonna end up in prison, too violent.
Kevin Strother
Kevin Strother 10 күн мурун
Who kisses and tells? Taylor Swift.
dee Morgan
dee Morgan 10 күн мурун
You look marvelous...did the color just right! Godspeed Dee
J L 10 күн мурун
Brandi was totally used by Bravo and Andy ... they prob told her to stir up some drama and then they would Segway her back into the show .
Angie Pangie
Angie Pangie 10 күн мурун
Purply lipstick nicer on u sharrelle with a little brown n gold eyeshadow too please 😜
sara Morris
sara Morris 10 күн мурун
sara Morris
sara Morris 10 күн мурун
sara Morris
sara Morris 10 күн мурун
sara Morris
sara Morris 10 күн мурун
sara Morris
sara Morris 10 күн мурун
Mary Henderson
Mary Henderson 10 күн мурун
It is too pink. Too bright. Sorry
just sayin'
just sayin' 10 күн мурун
Long time watcher...new sub! Lip color is beautiful!
Jeanna Szymanski
Jeanna Szymanski 10 күн мурун
Always enjoy your videos and I love the lipstick! 💗
Mummy Yes
Mummy Yes 11 күн мурун
Mary Coates
Mary Coates 11 күн мурун
It’s radio silence!
This Monkey
This Monkey 11 күн мурун
I like the lipstick. Pretty..
Monie Perez
Monie Perez 11 күн мурун
I do not like that color or lipstick on you. Don't ever use it again. 🤮
Maureen Reynolds
Maureen Reynolds 11 күн мурун
Brandie needs too get a life
Joanna Cole
Joanna Cole 11 күн мурун
Brandy made LVP mad, hurt her feelings...screw Brandy!!!@
Joanna Cole
Joanna Cole 11 күн мурун
You're beautiful Sherryl ! Ditch that lipstick, pretty lady. Ok that was a bad story with Gina...oooh
Reta Lorraine Bowen Taylor
Reta Lorraine Bowen Taylor 11 күн мурун
You were right when said that it’s not the color for you. Looks like something a teenager would have worn back in the early Madonna days. Pasty is not a good look for you Sharrell.
Sage S
Sage S 11 күн мурун
She's boring need her off the show and her fake story line... 😒
Judy Farley
Judy Farley 11 күн мурун
I hate your lipstick. I don't like Brandi either.
bootsy baby
bootsy baby 11 күн мурун
Hey Sharrell I can finally hear the audio on your pretaped videos.
David Malakie
David Malakie 11 күн мурун
No body's that hot. LOL
Sharon Culpepper
Sharon Culpepper 11 күн мурун
I just wanted to hear about Gina and Matt. Leaving don't want to hear about Brandi G..
Mary Rodger
Mary Rodger 11 күн мурун
Lose the lipstick.
El Mac
El Mac 12 күн мурун
Your first instincts were correct - bad lipstick color on you or anybody. Pass.
Shuriken Star
Shuriken Star 12 күн мурун
Lipstick is too bright for you
Lisa Lauria
Lisa Lauria 12 күн мурун
Your 100% right about Brandy...she needs to go away!
Barbara Baird
Barbara Baird 12 күн мурун
You look so beautiful in that lipstick.🍒
Gypsymom08 12 күн мурун
86 the neon lipstick!
Kimberly Howard
Kimberly Howard 12 күн мурун
Brandi is sooo stupid! She let them use her!
Jenny Friedman
Jenny Friedman 13 күн мурун
Didn't Andy Cohen compare Brandi to a DOG during Reunion 😂
Sammantha rose Harris
Sammantha rose Harris 13 күн мурун
Sorry sharrell not feeling the lipstick it’s to bright!
Carol Christiansen
Carol Christiansen 13 күн мурун
That is so not a good color for you. But I am sure it’s a great product. But it goes perfectly with your dress.
Carol Christiansen
Carol Christiansen 13 күн мурун
Gina is a good person. And she tried hard to protect her children and her ex.
Carol Christiansen
Carol Christiansen 13 күн мурун
Brandi is the definition of a dirtbag. My opinion.
Paula McGuinness
Paula McGuinness 13 күн мурун
See ya Brandi...don't let the door hit you on the way out
Paula McGuinness
Paula McGuinness 13 күн мурун
Love the new intro!!!
Jaqua Ingram
Jaqua Ingram 13 күн мурун
Andrea Hawkins
Andrea Hawkins 13 күн мурун
I wish the best for Gina. At first, I couldn’t stand her and now she is my absolute favorite on the show and has been for a few seasons. I hope she heals and they co parent positively for those kids- seems they do.
Lisa L.
Lisa L. 13 күн мурун
Brandy go away!!!! She is a trainwreck.
rudolph mcneill
rudolph mcneill 13 күн мурун
Brandi needs to just stfu and go away. She's gross and no one liked her. Her disgusting ass was happy to be back on talking ish. Uuggh.
Whosaidcate 13 күн мурун
Re: Brandi Granville- she’s NOT entertaining IMO. Her behavior is too over the top ( slapping LVP)🥵
Nita Fy
Nita Fy 13 күн мурун
Its a beautiful coloured lipsticks.
ShopAHaulique With Jacqueline Rae Hauls
ShopAHaulique With Jacqueline Rae Hauls 13 күн мурун
Radio silence I think is the term. Gina’s husband sounds like he has a personality disorder, maybe bipolar.
Nicole Torres
Nicole Torres 13 күн мурун
Omg do I know about someone being under the influence and going into a rage you can smell it in the air almost like a bunch of pennies someone told me this was testosterone being so strong.
Velvet Monroe
Velvet Monroe 13 күн мурун
That’s not your Color.
Gina Impavido
Gina Impavido 13 күн мурун
No, I don’t feel sorry for Brandi. She was so desperate to be on RHOBH that she was willing to throw Denise under the bus and almost destroyed her marriage. That season not only made me hate Brandi more, but it changed my opinion of Rinna as well. The way Denise was treated by her so-called friend of 20 years was disgusting.
Mel B
Mel B 13 күн мурун
Is it just me or did Gina’s husband get off a little lightly. He should have had to do some real time and be on probation after and complete a domestic abuse courses. You just don’t wake up and decide to be an abuser....it was in him and still is.... she had every right to have a PP order.
TL Nab
TL Nab 13 күн мурун
Brandi's been used before, why is she shocked Andy used her?
Anna Guera
Anna Guera 13 күн мурун
On the show, Gina seems like she feels guilty for him having to pay the price for what he did. But, he's a grown a$$ man. I think he does feel bad now (according to her). But, he needs to be held accountable for his actions. Brandi needs to get over it..b/c everybody else has...so move on girl, shut up, and sit down. You played yourself sis! Accept it.
Angela Philpott
Angela Philpott 13 күн мурун
If brandi hadda kept her morals & self respect, & even come clean about that stupid set up with denise??... instead of doing peoples dirty-work, the viewers may even have wanted her bk.....
Radarzz77 13 күн мурун
Brandys stupider than i thought if she believed Bravo was her friend🤔As for Ginas husband -it must have been HORRIFIC ATTACK to get 52 weeks counseling-plus Ankle Bracelet for 3YEARS!!! & ‘Stay Away’ protection???? NEVER heard ANY EX get that many consequences 🤔In fact going to jail for longer than 180 days would have been easier to do????!
Em 13 күн мурун
Brandi is a horrible person she has a dirty mouth, she slapped LVP and I was sick of her when she was on the RHOBH. The best thing was when she was let go from the RHOBH. In her small mind she's so good on the show. She's delusional and a drunk. I really feel sorry for her kids she is so embarrassing.
Sue Bell
Sue Bell 13 күн мурун
Sharrell you’re the cutest 😊 The expression is “radio silence”
Helen Miller
Helen Miller 13 күн мурун
No on the eye lashes.
Joanne Pereira
Joanne Pereira 13 күн мурун
Sorry but this lipstick colour don’t look good in almost none of us. Brandi need to be quiet you 💯 right Sharrel
Kandis at 50
Kandis at 50 13 күн мурун
Maybe a darker lip liner, it pretty though.
Rouvi M
Rouvi M 13 күн мурун
Brandy Granville has been a bitter B from day one, let’s stop talking about her so she fades back into obscurity where she belongs.
Paula Elhardt
Paula Elhardt 13 күн мурун
Brandi is so disgusting. She is obviously dehydrated because is soooo thirsty. Pathetic. Horrible person. I am with you Sharrell. Sit down and shut up!
Moad AB
Moad AB 13 күн мурун
Evelyn Noguera
Evelyn Noguera 13 күн мурун
Brandi turned on a friend you just can’t do that and expect to be successful
Evelyn Noguera
Evelyn Noguera 13 күн мурун
Well, it’s too pink on you , maybe another Color . The product maybe good , but the color detracts from the product , so try another color and it will be easier to believe you about the quality of the product.
Lou Wiz
Lou Wiz 13 күн мурун
Kim (Kyle's sister) is ignoring Brandi now. Can anyone fill me in on that?🙏
Sharon Sheila Phee
Sharon Sheila Phee 13 күн мурун
Lipstick perfect accessory for your pretty floral print! .🗯.Very Vanderpump Pink! 😊. Brandi: Never liked her much, but her sleazy stint in the ‘House’ (?) show, dud it for me! .. not sorry! 🥳.
Ashley van Oort
Ashley van Oort 13 күн мурун
What is the brand and colour of your lipstick please
Chrissy Tolkach
Chrissy Tolkach 13 күн мурун
I believe Gina had been suffering with him for a while and I think that night when it happened that she as a victim didn’t talk about it on the show bc she’s in survivor mode and that’s an extremely scary thing to have to go through and with the kids right there. It’s traumatizing for all of them. Something the horrific shouldn’t be talked on until she is ready for the story to be told by her.
Tracy Basile
Tracy Basile 13 күн мурун
Radio silence. Also if you're talking about the stage 2 fake seeing they filmed in Kyle's bedroom. Remember when she walked in and there was all Christmas decorations? Meanwhile that supposedly happened before they went to Rome before Thanksgiving. You can see Kyle and Teddy's hair is completely different. Fake fake fake fake fake fake fake She admitted it was just a drunk kiss...
Tracy Basile
Tracy Basile 13 күн мурун
I always thought Brandi was pure trash. First season she was letting her boys peeing bushes. Cussing like a sailor and guzzling downline why they were there. Nothing endearing about her over.
Terry English
Terry English 13 күн мурун
I don't like Brandi Glanville. She is evil!!!
Irene Lombardino
Irene Lombardino 13 күн мурун
Sorry Sharrell, not really your shade of lip color.
SU4Life NoLa
SU4Life NoLa 13 күн мурун
Kenya gave her a job on family reunion.lol
Tracy Basile
Tracy Basile 13 күн мурун
It was fear I was thrown down a flight of stairs and lost a five-month-old. I never told us all about the abuse prior to that. It's embarrassing and it takes a strong person to admit to it. If the neighbor hadn't heard me fall and call for an ambulance that would probably not be here today. That was the last time I saw him. No one knows what kind of fear they have.
Dane Hereford
Dane Hereford 13 күн мурун
Brandi is great entertainment, I know personally. She should make her own platform, like everybody else these days. She's really cool when you hang with her. Yes, she's an alcoholic, but her name is an alcohol-ish type of name. Anyways, she should make a podcast and discuss topics, while sipping water. It's a theory, but I think it will clear her thinking.
Elia Gorayeb
Elia Gorayeb 13 күн мурун
Brandy is a old washed up old maid. She s a drunken liar.
Robin Cameron
Robin Cameron 13 күн мурун
You're lovely. Not feeling this lipstick, though.
Dane Hereford
Dane Hereford 13 күн мурун
You can pull it off Ms. Sharrell. You're not too dark or too old, because your bubbly personality and your top matches.
Dane Hereford
Dane Hereford 13 күн мурун
@Veronica Johnson I'm replying to what she said.
Veronica Johnson
Veronica Johnson 13 күн мурун
Wtf does that mean....."you are not too dark"
bellezanegra0206 13 күн мурун
I actually like the lip color on you
Joan Schuler
Joan Schuler 13 күн мурун
This and the one with no lashes, is ur best work. You hit all Hot Topics and was so enjoyable
Elizabeth Porter
Elizabeth Porter 13 күн мурун
Omg no your not.
pecols nelson
pecols nelson 13 күн мурун
I don't like the color on you really
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